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Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Subject:Odd moment of the day
Time:4:03 pm.
I parked my car at the shops, collected my things (keys, wallet and phone), opened the door to get out....and the radio came on. How does the radio come on without the keys in the car?

In other news I went to Mt St helens on the weekend and it Blew. My. Mind. It's been 32 years and it hasnt recovered much, there are still split tree stumps from the blast, toppled trees like matchsticks and a whole lot of ashy dirt. 

I just got home from work (and I've stayed the last two nights at Rachelle's) and I found the cat in the bedroom that is currently unoccupied. Not sure how long she'd been in there, the door was closed. She can get in but she can't get out (she pushes it open but can't pull to get out) so I've made sure the door is properly closed this time. I hope she sleeps with me tonight. I love having a flat cat!

Also there is a SWEET juggling club in Vancouver, the place is so awesome, some guys appartment, with plants crawling up the walls and glinty balls hanging from the high ceiling and big drapes hanging to divide his appartment from the juggling hall thing. I was meant to go last night but realised I didn't have any cash.
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Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Subject:Haven't been here in a while
Time:12:46 pm.
It's officially one year since Christopher died, according to my timezone. I'm not sure how I feel about today. Should I put it in Calendars as a day to remember? Is it respectful? I feel ok. I've put today aside to mope and cry and do nothing in case that's what I need but right now it just feels like a Saturday. It's sunny outside, I just spent 3 hours finishing a game of civilisation 5 instead of enjoying that sun (won a science victory), been listening to music while I played, feels good to be able to do this, I do however wish the computer was a bit faster, perhaps there's some registry bugs cos it's got heaps of RAM and memory. Well, I'm unclear whether there's a video card in there.... probably has something to do with it. Doesn't explain the slow start up though. 

It's pride parade tomorrow. Things are happening that I feel Christopher would have been excited about.
Getting civ 5
Rachelle and I went to this ceramics place the other week and painted a pot and tea cup like chip and Mrs Potts from beauty and the beast, he would have loved it. I still remember going to the musical of it in Wellington cos of some guy I met, got 3 free tickets and Dad had to sit on his own so me and Christopher could sit together and we obnoxiously sang all the songs and *squeed* all the way through.
He had a cat in his flat that totally loved him too but I don't think he was the biggest fan, I think I'll ask Erin about that. But the cat I've got now "slept" with me and Rachelle last night. It was waiting at the door, it came in, pawed the blankets, sat on Rachelle, walked around, lay down beside me, got up, and then scratched at the door to get out. Not so impressed.

One of my families, the mum, lost her sister to cancer so I had a good chat to her. She suggested journalling to help keep all those memories. 

I went to an amusement park and yelled obnoxiously on all the rides. It friggin rocked. AtmosFEAR and Revelation BLEW MY MIND. 

It's magical being able to decide to go, it cost about $40 and we spent the afternoon there doing AWESOME RIDES. No lines cos we went a bit later. So friggin good.

Work is going well. It's so rewarding, I get to go to the park with the families, I think we're going to the beach on monday. Pay hasn't been sorted out for one family yet and there's unexpected paperwork slowing things down but it'll happen.
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Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Subject:With love for Grandpa
Time:9:45 am.
On wednesday 18th April 2012 Grandpa Hunter passed away. I went up to Kelowna for the weekend to be with the family while they sorted things out. When mum comes in June they will hold a memorial, I think they said that Grandpa had requested not to have a service and he was cremated. My aunts found some lovely wee books that fold out awesomely and we'll each get one with photos of grandpa in it, such a good idea. He was a decorated war veteran, he had 8 medals which I did a project on in primary school. Sheryl now has his free mason's ring which Christopher had. Mum has his sword. Christopher had his pocket watch which I think mum must have now. Much love for him.

I'm well :). Looking at some places to move to today, as I'm moving at the end of the month.

Things are good.

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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Time:8:35 am.
I finally got my first pay cheque for one of my kids. I've been working there 2 months and now I have the money and it will make it easier to budget. My second kid is doing alright. Still lots of tantrums but the consultant is coming in tomorrow to check on things so I can get feedback on what to do if crying goes for more than half an hour. Today I'm going to avoid all terrible ones and just do the ones she finds fun. To hell with it. Yesterday I got....3 programmes done out of 16 because 40min in a massive tantrum began. but this time I am armed with thomas play things so hopefully I can get a good response. 

In other news....I am well. Been doing heaps with Rachelle and it is Good. We went to a party last friday and it was all couples and gross and I only hope that we weren't too bad. 

I went to the young adults things last night and turns out it was an info night on the bigger picture of the bible. It was really interesting looking at how it all fits in together but I've decided there mustn't be a religious bone in my body because it didn't stir up any feelings and in fact I decided it was way too much religion in one night for me. There was singing and stuff too. The girl who did the speech is a missionary from the US (bringing religion to the heathen Canadians? - hah not quite but that's what she is) and is hilarious and informed and passionate so she was a super interesting speaker. I really enjoyed it.

Um that is all.

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Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Subject:I got another job!
Time:7:59 pm.
I just went for an intrview for a home-based behavioural program and it went splendidly. The kid was all over me, they were impressed with my never-grow-up outlook and my calm demeanour when faced with behaviours (=troublesome behaviours like self-injury, shouting, tickles that actually kind of hurt....). They seemed stoked and I can start asap. I'm going in next monday afternoon to meet one of the other...advisors, I think? And then we'll do pairing which just means that I'll be playing with the kid so she associates me with rewards so that, when I make a request, she'll be driven to do it because I'm rewarding like that.

So excited! So officially my hours are up to....16. Per week. Haha. Still sucky but I still have Tuesday and thursday afternoons and all of Fridays to fill in. Plus I could probably do evenings as well, some kids have later sessions so I could do them at that time too to help fill in hours. But the pay is pretty good so I can last on less hours which is really good. And also the woman knows of other families that are looking for a BI (that's me) so she's going to hook me up. I'm so stoked! I'm really enjoying this.

In other news, I'm going to get boozEH tomorrow night :D. Birthday celebrations. Should be good.

Um things are good. Everyone is sick, there's something going round. Today it was warm and sunny, then it poured with rain, with some hail stones thrown in and then it was sunny again.

I'm going to go.

Much love.

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Friday, March 9th, 2012

Subject:Stupid sensitive toothpaste
Time:5:52 pm.
I'm never using sensitive toothpaste again. I thought, now that I'm paying for my own dental, sorry mum, I should be a little more proactive. So I changed to stuff that is meant to regrow enamel which made my teeth hurt like hell. I'm now using something else and my teeth still hurt. Could have something to do with the anasthesia that they drilled into my teeth. But eating is somewhat painful. And I'm sensitive to extreme changes in temperature! What the hell is up with that?! I've never had sensitive teeth, just crappy enamel.

I HAVE MY CAR NOW. Picked it up this morning, all up it cost $225 to get it fixed. The lights on the gear stick are now on so I can see what gear I'm in in the dark. Fingers crossed for less leak, it currently has a bag underneath it to see if it's leaking at all. I've changed my oil type and he said not to fill it too full of oil because that increases the pressure of it being pushed through and increases leakage. I've had it a day, haven't checked to see if it's actually changed but it sounds a lot better and I HAVE A CAR. I need two people to open the petrol cap still, so I'll get a stick to pull the cap open while I pull the lever haha. Oh also, a full tank is $40. I'm pretty damn pleased with that. The last tank lasted for about 400km I think?

Omg though, I rung up the mechanic this morning to confirm coming to get it at 10am and he picked up but wasn't talking to me, I could hear him talking to someone going "What's going on tough guy? What are you going to do?? I'll call the cops, yeah? I'll call the cops" It was very omgwtf. And then I started getting a bit worried that we'd arrive to pick up the car and he'd be unconscious and bloody. And should we call the police? No, we shouldn't because if he's up to something dodgy then we'll get him snapped. East side. That's apparently plausible. Haha.

Rest assured, he was fine. 

In other news...

Um. donut date on monday. YEAH. I love donuts. And I'm desperately short on money so technically I'm cutting back on all unnecessary expenditure. Which would include donut monday. But oh well....

love jen
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Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Subject:My car!
Time:11:27 am.
So I have the car back now. With dire reports on its state. Robyn, Stephen and Andy have suggested to resell it and cut losses now. Rachelle's mum knows a mechanic who can give the car a once over for cheap to see if it's worth fixing. Robyn and co. made a list of what is wrong with it and I've temporarily lost that list so here it is now, before I forget, and in case I don't find it.
  • The petrol cap needs two people to open it - one to hold the lever, one to pull it open.
  • It guzzles oil like there's no tomorrow. Current estimate is 2 litres per 300km. Some of it is definitely leaking which is preferable to it burning so at least some of it is leaking and that can be fixed at least (if I do)
  • When you indicate left, the high beam goes on
  • The P, R, D, N, L, 1 lights are all out.
  • If you rev it a moderate amount it starts smelling strange.
  • It makes strange grumbling sounds.
  • Apparently it stalled on the last stretch back to White Rock (it's an automatic).
  • The key is a bitch to get out. (This one doesn't really count though because I'm pretty sure I've got the knack down - you just have to really slam it into park and it comes out fine).
Potentially that's it. 

They named her Olga. She seems to work alright and I like her. So good to have a car. Whether I can afford it is another matter but no matter, so friggin pleased. I just did a big wash down, buffed the windows, wiped down the interior, washed all the dirt off the outside. Just need to vacuum it but I'll do that later. 

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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Subject:Robyn's back :)
Time:6:48 pm.
Robyn and her friends get back tomorrow night around 5pm and then we'll be going dancing hurrah! Haven't been in weeks. Then we'll be about town on friday before they fly out on friday night. 

Well, first dental bill is paid, pill stock has been renewed, rent is coming out tomorrow, second $200 dental appointment next week and utilities coming out soon. Thank god for bailouts....

I'm good. Tired. But good. I want tv to watch and chill out to.

In my dreams Christopher now expresses that he's no longer afraid of leaving and not coming back. As if at some point he was the one who was paranoid that he would leave and not come back.

I had a big homesick cry in the car a while back. on the way back from the Drive In (which is awesome btw). Went to sleep pretty promptly. I'd had enough of being awake. But on the note of the Drive in - so cool! We watched Man On A Ledge and then a little bit of The Grey with Liam Neeson which seemed pretty amazing but also full of blood and emotion and neither of us were in the right space for it so we left about 20min in (after Liam Neeson had talked someone through dying and fought a wolf who was feasting on a still-living survivor). But we had Rachelle's SUV, with the boot popped open, a big duvet, some pizza bread for dinner, ice tea for drinks and donuts for dessert. So good. The blanket got a bit wet because it was raining but we were pretty toasty. And then I half noticed at some point that something in the car was moving and it turned out to be the window wipers. So the battery went dead and the Drive In guy had to jump the battery.

Went to Aline's the other day for a movie and she fed me caesar salad. So good. And I ate copious amounts of gummies and it made my teeth hurt so bad. So oh man gummies taste so good. I'm craving sweet things so bad because I'm abstaining until I can sort my teeth out cos they're terrible at the moment. I switched to a toothpaste that is meant to be good for growing back tooth enamel and it MADE my teeth hurt. Not impressed.

Did I mention I saw the fray live? At the Orpheum. friggin amazing apart from when we walked right past me and didn't touch my hand. And then touched EVERYONE ELSE'S. But it was pretty damn awesome. And all of Rachelle's friends are friggin photo whores haha. 

OMG I'm so addicted to donuts and I want more so bad. I was getting one every morning I went to work (so monday, wednesday friday) because there's a Tim Horton's just around the corner. And it's Roll Up The Rim at the moment so you can win coffees, cars,  holidays? Just heaps. Won a coffee! It was pretty sweet.

Work is going well. Challenging morning this morning, lots of tears and tantrums but I got help and managed to calm things down.
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Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Subject:Hiding from the world night
Time:9:26 am.
I slept for about 12 hours last night. I talked to mum on skype and decided I'd had enough of people and everything so got into bed about 5 and fell asleep around 6. I woke up at 8.40 thinking I'd ruined my ability to sleep through the night but fell asleep again, woke up at 11.30 and 4am and finally woke up for good at 7. Feel pretty rested and ready for the world again. Suddenly everything felt too much. New work, trying to make new friends, seeing someone new, bills, dentist.... So I slept lots and now I feel more ready for comedy night tonight.

Saw the fray and it was pretty magical. The Orpheum is SO BEAUTIFUL. It makes me think of a larger version of St James theatre in Wellington.

In other news I had work yesterday and an hour and a half in my kid throws up. An hour later he gets picked up. It was my first day solo so that was pretty exciting. And oh man I found out about another kid, the family wants someone to go swimming and biking with him, he's 5 I think? So I've emailed about it and it would be awesome.

I better go but lots of love,

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Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Subject:Hilarious night.
Time:10:15 am.

So yesterday I had a line class to help with behavioural concepts and techniques for my interventionist stuff and this girl there says, do I know Erin? Erin had told her that there's a jen at Harmony house (where I work) who she would totally get on with. So we start chatting, I think either there's another Jen or this Erin knows Coralee, my cousin. So we get talking about how hard it is to meet people and make friends here which really, is true. I haven't really found many people who I could really be friends with, rahter than just see and say hello to because we're attending the same event. Two of her German friends are leaving in a day or 2 and she invites me out to the drinks and dancing in town. They're all German speakers. They taught me how to say "where are your pants?" and "that bitch has no pants on" bahaha. 

There was the crazy dancing, the boys with the fluoro wrist bands on that gave us some too. There was the... large East Indian man who was trying to convince us to check out his party bus, one of his friends was asking one of the German girls how much she cost (And I'm going, omg she's not selling herself) and then the guy goes on a rant about how I'm right, girls shouldn't sell themselves short, meanwhile making Aline (the original girl from Harmony House who invited me out) rudely hold his cigarette. One girl kept disappearing and we were in and out of the bar trying to find her. Apparently she is a really sarcastic person and at some point during the night she'd told a girl to just go home for being a smartass to her haha.

So it's about 1am, we've got 15min to get to the skytrain for the last train. We get there, stop for A&W at the station, miss the last train (hahah), Aline's boyfriend has had a few beers so can't pick us up, we get the after hours bus which takes about 2 hours to get to Surrey where we take a $40 taxi home. 

Hahahaha such a hilarious night. And I'd just met Aline that day and had never met her friends and they were all speaking German for the majority of the night. I had a friggin good time man. Got home at about 4am

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Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Time:1:45 pm.
I had another lucky event last night. I went to Gina's place who is heading a stall on mental health at Missionsfest (christian event thing). I got so friggin lost I was in tears and already worn out from my Christopher melt (I spent a few hours upstairs yesterday with tea and popcorn and Inception and slept) so after walking up and down a straight road for 45min in the rain trying to find a place I'd JUST been at, Gina finally came and picked me up. She told me things I needed to know for Missionsfest and we had a good chat. oh and also while I was wandering down that stupid straight road my phone was dying despite having charged it three hours prior and I ran out of credit and it wouldn't let me put money on with my credit card for some damn reason so I couldn't receive calls. So, back at Gina's, then it was like 10pm, Gina walked me to the bus stop but it turned out the next one wasn't until 10.52 at this point. I had texted rachelle and she offered to come get me but then I didn't hear anything and I wasn't sure if it was because my phone was dying, because my texts weren't getting through or whether hers weren't getting through. She managed to text gina but Gina just got confused and didn't tell me who the text was from. So at 10.35pm (I'd texted Rachelle to be like, I'm heading to the bus, don't worry) and as I got my gear together there was a knock at the door. And it was rachelle. SO LUCKY. In another 30 seconds I would have been walking down a dark road and it's doubtful if she had have seen me.

And the other day I went out to Dim Sum. There were two toilets and I thought they were the same so I picked one and while I was in there, Rachelle knocks and I'm all "there's another one?" but they weren't teh same and I had luckily chosen the women's one....haha

And last one. When we went out looking at cars we took that grunty pathfinder out for a drive and the woman said just to call her when we were back cos she lived on this complex. I somehow stupidly lost her number so couldn't call her so we ended up deciding to just pick a door and hope someone would know who "the lady selling the pathfinder" was. And we picked the right door. Well, there were two at right angles to each other, we knocked on one and she opened the other. We were all like WTF THANK GOD.
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Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Subject:Recurring dreams
Time:1:08 pm.
I've been having these recurring dreams. I'm always with my family, the places change and appearances change but I'm always with them. Christopher goes away but then he comes back and I ask him or beg him or try to make him promise not to leave again. Sometimes he'll say something, sometime's not. The last one we were at our house in papakowhai, one of his friend's since primary school, Faye, was with him and crying. He was like 12 or something they were both like...curled up in bed, and she was in tears and I told her it was ok and I knew how she felt. Christopher looks at me and says "I love you sis" and I answer him "I love you brother" which felt good.

Last night he left but then he was back but I had this feeling that he was going but wasn't coming back or something. Or there was something that felt final about it anyway, like I needed to make the most of this one, make sure I get a kiss, make sure I tell him I love him. I told him I loved him and he just about ran off with his friend James, they were chasing each other and just being hooligans. Before they ran off together I asked him for a kiss and told him I loved him.

Last night we went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D and it was friggin awesome. I sang obnoxiously along to songs and people looked but like I care. I started thinking about seeing the musical with Christopher and Dad like.....man I guess it would have been highschool? I met a guy while busking and it turned out he was working on the set and he got me 3 tickets. Me Dad and Christopher went and I remember being so FRIGGIN excited at going and me and Christopher sang along to the songs and couldn't wait to see how they'd do the Be Our Guest song on stage and Belle's dress was exactly like in the movie and it was amazing.
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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Subject:2 children and an almost car :)
Time:2:28 pm.
I got a reply back about the second job working with nother autistic kid at the preschool here in White Rock :D. Training will start shortly. Official full days monday though thursdays starting in february-ish. Pretty stoked. Well, 6 hours monday and wed, full hours tues and thurs and a half day on friday which works nicely because thursday nights I have dancing and it takes an hour and a half to get home so I tend to get home at either 1.30am or 12.30am. So a wee sleep in will be ideal. Plus some extra hours for Mitch and Tim.

And I went car shopping the other day, checked out this beasty pathfinder truck, the woman nicely let me take it for a test drive which must have seemed dodgy because I look young, I'm using an international drivers' license in conjunction with my NZ one and I had 3 other's in the car with me. But it was good, good boost for the driving confidence :). Second one was a honda civic which was alright, decent scratch down the sound but I had a friend's bf with me who knows his car shiz and haggled the guy down to 1200 from 1500 which was pretty sweet. Also, I'm trying to do a lien search because apparently you can put things like a car up against loans and if there are any outstanding payments and it is sold to me then it is legally my responsibility to pay the loan. So I'm trying to get the details for the check but the guy is being super reluctant. Which is kind of understandable because I'm all "I just need to get the money off my friend" which sounds pretty dodgy haha. But still, he keeps insisting everything is paid off which is great but I still want to check it out and I wouldn't think it was so hard. I've emailed him the form, you can just edit it online and send it. I was going to get his info, fill in my bit and then email it but it hasn't worked so I've given him my details so he can just fill everything out and then email it in so I don't have to see his info if he doesn't want (which is actually just the rego number, make and model, so what's the big deal?). But yeah. Hopefully as of the end of the week I'll be in possession of a car!!! Hopefully.....

I've got the afternoon off because the kids are sick but my computer isn't working (I'm on flatmate Ian's :) ). so I can't do any tax stuff but I've got everything else done.... just have to make a few calls in n hour when I have free calling on my cell heh.

Sweet :)

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Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Subject:Year of the dragon hurrah!!
Time:10:22 am.
Happy Chinese New Year :). There's a parade this sunday that I want to check out and apparently a night market but I haven't been able to find out about it.

Life is going good, I'm currently sitting in Starbucks drinking a vanilla rooibus, feeling like a bit of a ponse but hey. I'm just chilling out today with Rachelle, it's nice.

Stayed at hers last night and I insisted on watching Paranormal Activity 3. Which I felt a bit bad about insisting cos she doesn't like scary movies but turns out that I was more scared than she was. It was so friggin scary, so much scarier than the first and second ones. There was screaming. It was pretty terrifying haha. But awesome. It was pretty friggin awesome.

I went for an interview on friday to work with another autistic kid. It was so interesting. I had a wee chat with the woman who set up Harmony House, which is this preschool for autistic kids. All the kids have their own minder who is running programs to teach them skills. It's kind of...scary sad but it's so interesting because the interventions work. I don't know if I'll get that position but I'm definitely working with another boy 3 times a week, just in the training.

Meh, I'm done.

Love jen
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Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Subject:What a big day
Time:5:10 pm.
I'm tired.

I got up at 5.45am this morning for a 7am team meeting (which I walked 20min in th snow to get to). At 9, I got dropped back home by a lovely girl from my training who is also just starting with the behavioural intervention. Then back at 10.30 for training til 12, home for an hour and a bit for lunch and to sort out what is happening tonight. To Mitch's to look after Carter where I've been playing since 2 (t's now 5). Then seeing City and COlor tonight in concert (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), tomorrow I've got an interview for another family to be an interventionist for. Saturday is more training and then drinks 
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Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Subject:Sherlock holmes woo
Time:7:42 pm.
So Robert Downey Jnr is so bad at doing an english accent. I guess it's at least consistent. The movie is pretty awesomely epic but I do believe the first was better, from what I can remember.

Also the BBC version is wicked. We had some drinks and watched it the other night.

Oh we went for a walk on the beach today and there was this guy with a metal detector beeping around and digging frantically. The whole approach I was thinking about asking him what he was looking for (which I would never have done alone. moral support hurrah! Or strength in numbers?). I could barely get a word out of him.
"Can't talk, lots to do, there are pennies"
"Oh I was just wondering what you were looking for, thanks"
"Well, goodluck"

And so many dogs. And we stopped off at the pet store to hold animals but there were only ferrets and rodents. Ferrets smell and rodents really aren't that fun. Verging on gross, depending on how you feel about them.

I've stayed a few night's at my friend Rachelle's and I'm so in with her parents. I think it has something to do with Rachelle telling them I didn't have cable or a microwave.
"But how does she COOK!?!?!"
So they give me food! And we went out for dimsum and they let me take the leftovers home. But not the shrimp. Cos I don't like shrimp. We got fish and chips and ate them on the beach the other day (  :-)   ) but mine had the consistency of shrimp. Unhappy face. Very unhappy face. It's not the taste, it's the texture yeuurgh.

In other news, I have a job as a behavioural interventionist working with a 4.5year old autistic boy. I get 6 sessions of training before they release me upon the child. I'm really quite looking forward to it, I really need to read up on my autism though. Not...my....autism. You know.

Oh also, i now have a microwave. Thanks rachelle and family!

Beauty and the Beast is coming out in 3D this friday!!!!!! SO SEEING IT. Next tuesday.

All is well.

I haven't said it in a while but I love you Christopher.

love jennifer
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Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Subject:I may not have left the house(yet)....
Time:4:40 pm.
But I've had a productive day! It doesn't feel like it. It was an inside day. Raining and yucky outside.

I've put a bunch of stuff on craigslist. I had a look under the stairs at some of the stuff that's there and found some prints. One of them is worth up to $220, though I think most places are selling it for $150. Another is worth about $150 and the last one is like $40. I'll run it by the family and hopefully I'llb e able to sell them. There's also a big box of electronicy something in there that I have no idea about. Lots of plugs.

Ian and I were going to watch Hound of the Baskervilles today and found a site to stream BBC from and then realised we had the day wrong.

OH OH OH also, I got a call from another woman who would be interested in hiring me, I'll go see them in the next few days, they life 5 min down the round (well, 20min walk) but yeah. And also I've sorted things for volunteering at the Museum of Anthropology :D. Oh and Tim, Mitch's work mate, partner, something something is going to give me a few extra hours work a week doing boring things like receipt sorting and blah blah.

Next week I must phone Pat who will train me up in accounting matters, pick an example car so I can get an idea of insurance for under 25s and ...something else.

Tonight I'm going out for Ethiopian with Rachelle! Apparently it's totally scrumptious. And also we're going to go to the pet store and pat animals and/or go to the observatory. Look at us be active! I tried to convince her to explore haunted places with me but she's a wuss (it's true!). At least scary movies are on the cards. :D.

Official: meeting Tonia tomorrow at 3pm. Skype Corinna at 5pm.


Much love.

Oh I had a fabulous new years but it's not appropriate to be writing unlocked here... :)

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Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Time:7:21 pm.

I feel rubbish and whiney. My head hurts, I slept so badly last night I was up a few times to eat in case I was hungry (sometimes I wake up hungry and can't sleep til I eat something) and getting water in case thirst was keeping me awake. My crazy is rising to the surface and it's irksome. I haven't had enough exercise nor sleep and I suspect this is why. So I'm going dancing tonight.


I went to Bright Nights the other night. it's this lights festival at Stanley Park. So many lights. There's a christmas train and it gets booked out so Rachelle's friend booked us all tickets the day before. It was brill fun. We had roasted pistachios! 

And the plan is for new years to be off the hook. I'm gonna be so on form. But also articulate because no one can understand me!

Christmas was really good but also hard. Surrounded by my uncle Vern's family, they are all so lovely, I stayed with his sister, Barb, and her husband with Uncle Vern and Auntie Sheryl. Auntie Sheryl made me a uke case and it is awesome. And I made Uncle Vern a mini golf course "for when you can't get out on the course". he golfs ALL the time.

But I was lacking sleep because of a few late nights and also, it's my first Christmas away from family let alone without Christopher. We went to mass on Christmas eve which I cried basically the whole way through until my aunt asked if I wanted to leave. We made it outside and the crying turned into an anxiety attack and they took me home early. but I cried it all, as it always goes, and felt better for it. I spent most of boxing day holding a baby hehe. We went to someone's house for brunch (at 2pm? I don't know...) and there was a baby and it was adorable. She. She was adorable.

But overall things are well heh. Job interview tomorrow. Getting filling fixed tomorrow (it's gonna be $306 and I'm not sure if tax is added on to that yet...). Social is good. 

I need to get shiz together

love jen

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Monday, December 19th, 2011

Subject:I apparently still need (non-distracting) supervision in the kitchen
Time:9:36 am.
So on saturday a friend came over for the day. I needed a cake for a christmas party that I was meant to go to last (and didn't. Buses are not my friend) so she came round to make dessert! And then we went to a comedy gig. Very entertaining.

But I swear everything went wrong with the baking. In no particular order:
1. One recipe needed baking soda not powder and we only had powder. Oh well, hopefully it'll be fine.
2. The 2nd one didn't have enough sugar so we combined different kinds and I (cleverly) suggested honey to make up the difference because it still wasn't enough but Rachelle provided the voice of reason for vetoed that one.
3. Put the wrong ingredients in wrong quantities in the first cake. 
4. We had to double the quantities for the first one because I realised the crockpot was too big and the upside down fudge cake wouldn't work if it was only 2cm deep. 
5. We had to boil a mixture and the pot was blatantly too small, we're both looking at saying that it looks too full to be boiling the contents but meh! Let's give it a go. I'm sure it'll be fine ;). Pot of course overflows, hot sugar on the elements. Messy.
6. Sugar lights on fire.
7. Flaming stove.
8. Cup of water makes flames go higher. But then puts it out. Crisis averted.
9. Oh also, when we got back to mine with all the ingredients we realised that somewhere along the way I'd lost the recipe.

The most incredible part is - the cakes turned out so good!!!! Like both of them taste great :D :D.

Also, because I didn't take one cake to the dinner I now have lots of cake to eat. The dinner started at 6.30pm. The last bus to leave was at 7.35 to leave to get back home. And I'd have to walk to the bustop for 20min. Total social time: 40min.

So all that trouble for me to gorge myself on 2 cakes. Nomnom.

Also, comedy was hilarious and we were responsible drinkers and listened to most of the comedy this time instead of schmack talking hardcore. 

Awesome night though and only fell asleep on the bus for like 10min this time. I woke up to 2 missed calls and 3 texts saying "why aren't you answering? Wake up! I know you're asleep!" And got safely off the bus and home :). 
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Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Subject:Computer conclusion
Time:9:48 am.
So apparently my hard drive is stuck n read only which means I can't back up any photos. I suspect this is also why I can't play any video files off it. This is making computer replacement very very important. Research should begin. And a reassessment of my budget. I went christmas shopping yesterday and I have come out without money that I should still be in possession of. But it's worth it.

In other news, what's been happening?

I have
1. Put up christmas lights (outside! With icy ground and step ladders and flood lights!)
2. Dance my wee patootie off at youth. Some south african dancing, polka, line dancing, freestyle (whipping out the classic washing machine, the lawnmower, the shopping, the changing the lightbulb while patting the dog, the getting dressed). SO much fun! My muscles hurt like a mofo for like 2 days afterward.
3. Had cheesecake.
4. Had a Doctor Who day which turned into talking copious amounts, watching TCM (old movies) and cooking awesome food. Epic sandwiches and this amazing apple genius creation with raspberry syrup drizzled on apple with almond butter (think peanut butter).
5. Gone curling. Stacked out on the ice a few times but totally kicked ass. We had to wear funny hats. Mine was an asian boy's hat. Auntie Sheryl had a viking hat, there was also the Grinch.
6. Ate copious amounts of food at some of Uncle Vern's family's place. That particualr place had tvs in every room. I'm not exaggerating. In the dining room, the lounge, the den... and they were all sweet flat screens.
7. Made some psycy contacts which I have to follow up.
8. Reclaimed the basement! Cousins are all moved out, it's jsut me and ian now. 

I go the family's new house on tuesdays and thursdays to do housework and businessy things. The kids were sick this week so I ended up going over monday through thursday. 

Also our free cable is gone :( :(. And there's no such thing as free tv here. And this comp stutters when it streams anything cos it only has 512MB RAM. ?!!?!?!

But I'm doing well and doing fun things and feeling optimistic. But also I haven't been very proactive so I need to be more so. At least now I have a computer and I'm going to beef up my CV I think, do some reevaluation. Work out wtf I'm doing!

LOve always,

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